Air Handlers are manufacturers of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Equipment for the building services industry

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Established in 1989, Air Handlers are manufacturers of Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Equipment for the building services industry. Our state of the art facilities enable us to provide a complete design, estimating, manufacturing and testing service. Our in house sheet fabrication and finishing facility enables us to manufacture virtually limitless designs of bespoke air handling equipment. Read More...

Latest product development

Series VSI/VTI Single & Twin Low Profile Quiet Extract Fan Units

Air Handlers Series VSI Air Handlers Series VTI


  • Low noise breakout
  • High sound  reduction casework  tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2  (2010)
  • Backward curved, low speed, EC fans
  • Low SFP
  • Tonal noise control
  • Matching attenuators
  • Weatherproof options
  • Attenuators/cowls and acoustic louvre options
  • Meets BB 93 Feb 2015
  • Fan motor isolators fitted as standard
  • Suspension brackets with vibration control available
  • Speed regulation 0>10 Volts
  • Variable volume control system - Vari Vol
  • Auto change over control system for duty and stand by operation on VTI units
  • Bottom and side access

Envirofresh and Classvent

Air Handlers Envirofresh 73 Air Handlers Classvent

Packaged units such as Envirofresh and Classvent units are pre commissioned at the factory prior to despatch. The units are factory pre-wired and complete with a comprehensive control system, to minimise on site installation time. All units provide full fresh air ventilation with a heat recovery device to increase the temperature of the incoming fresh air and are fully compliant with the European Directive ErP 2016 (Energy Related Products) for electrical engines and fans.


  • Combine with other systems such as VRV and chilled water fan coils to provide tempered fresh air.
  • Where occupant fresh air requirement exceeds design cooling volume.
  • Available with volumes from 0.5m³/s to 12m³/s

PVU Quiet Packaged Units

PVU Quiet Packaged Units

PVU Quiet Benefits

  • Ultra low profile from 300mm
  • Option bag filters to F7 grade
  • Optional mixing box
  • Matching attenuators
  • Tonal noise control
  • Speed regulation 0>10 Volts
  • Heating coils - LPHW and electric
  • Bottom and side access
  • Fully integrated packaged controls
  • Fan motor isolator fitted as standard
  • High airflow / pressure performance
  • Low specific fan power E.C. fans backward curved
  • Constant pressure ‘Vari-Vol’ variable volume system available
  • High sound reduction casework tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2(2010)
  • Suspension brackets with vibration control available
  • Cooling coils chilled water/DX/heatpump available

PVHRU Max Quiet Heat Recovery Units To ErP 2018

PVHRU Max Quiet Heat Recovery Units To ErP 2018

PVHRU Max Quiet Benefits

  • Low profile from 300mm deep.
  • Up to 90% Heat Recovery efficiency.
  • Outperforms ErP 2018.
  • Heating Coil options. LPHW or electric.
  • Cooling coil options chilled water or DX.
  • Heat pump coil options.
  • TM52 compliant.
  • On board controls available.
  • Filtration to F7.
  • Summer by pass facility.
  • High sound reduction casework tested to BS EN ISO 10140-2 (2010) UKAS certified.
  • High performance backward curved centrifugal fans with low specific fan power.
  • Meets BB101 and BB93 Feb 2015.
  • Bottom access.

Acoustic Test Programme to BS EN ISO 10140 2:2010

During 2013 the company embarked on an Acoustic Test Programme for twenty different frame/panel systems and have them certified to BS EN ISO 10140 2:2010 International Standard Method for Measurement of Sound Test see Report 1429/2060

AHU Sound Advice

ErP Directive document 2016

Air Handlers are committed to the energy reduction commitments laid down by the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive 2009/125/EC law which comes into force on 1st January 2016 with further changes on 1st January 2018.

Ecodesign Directive
Ecodesign directive is integral to the European Union’s commitment to reaching a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption by 2020.

Skidpak Products

Skidpak Products Click image to see refridgerant pipework

Envirofresh Quiet

Envirofresh Quiet click image to view internal components

Air Source Renewable Energy Solutions

Air Handlers are pro-active in understanding the changes to building services low energy specifications and this has led to the development of the Classvent range of Low Noise / Energy products specifically designed for schools, colleges and universities. This product was the first ceiling mounted heat recovery unit to incorporate summer boost ventilation, recirculation dampers for fast room warm up on start up, fully automated control and connection to BMS control.

Our team of research professionals are committed to developing products with sustainable energy solutions to meet the challenge of the ECO DESIGN Directive which is the European Union's commitment to reaching the 2020 goals, by aiming to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% and overall energy consumption by 20%.

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Classvent quiet classvent with reduced noise breakout. low noise breakout school classroom ahu quiet school classroom ahu classroom unit to meet the new BB93 2015 noise tested classroom air handling unit Envirofresh quiet low noise tested packaged air handling unit heat pump unit heat pump AHU with low noise breakout quiet AHU heat pump unit noise tested air handling unit heat pump Sound Advice For Ventilation Plant In Schools