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Fresh Air Packaged Units - Cooling


Full fresh air systems with integral cooling

Traditionally, full fresh air DX cooling systems serving operating theatres, conference rooms and call centres have remote mounted condensing units and site installed refrigerant pipework. Freshcool utilizes the room extract air and fan to dissipate the heat from the integral condensing unit.

The Freshcool integral cooling unit has a complete self contained refrigeration system consisting of a condenser coil, compressors, HP/LP switches, internal electrical wiring, compressor contactors, overloads, refrigerant pipe work and line components.

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Environmentaly friendly systems.

Provides good indoor air quality.

Hydrocarbon benign refrigerant available.

Freshcool benefits

  • No external condensing units.
  • 3 steps of capacity control.
  • Reduced site installation time.
  • Components selected for optimum operation.
  • Capacities from 10Kw to 105Kw.
  • Refrigerant gas in system kept to a minimum.
  • R407C refrigerant as standard.
  • Competitively priced against remote condensing units.

System Options

  • Refrigerants Care 50 and R134a.
  • Control signal stepped 24V or 0-10V.
  • Heat recovery - Thermal wheel, plate heat exchanger or runaround coil.
  • Full pre-wired control system for all A.H.U. components.
  • Hot gas bypass.
  • Particular specifications including HTM 2025/CO4.
  • Internal or external mounting.

Alternative to F Gas

The Envirofresh and Freshcool are available with environmentally friendly Hydrocarbon refrigerant. Combine with VRV or chilled water systems to reduce F gas volumes.

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