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Case Study

Gaia Energy Centre


A building that is designed to be part of the message

The message behind the £5.5 million Gaia Energy Centre, Delabole, North Cornwall is clear - to howcase the benefits of using alternative sources of power.

The exhibition demonstrates the worth of renewable energy and the complex itself, is an example of how an ultra energy-efficient building can be constructed.

Electricity for the visitors centre comes from the ten wind turbine generators, which tower over the site and can produce up to 400KW each.

Named after the Greek goddess of earth, the Gaia energy centre also contains conference facilities, with a lecture theatre, which holds up to 300 people, classrooms and a 72-seat café.

The main areas are heated, ventilated and comfort cooled by four, full fresh air packaged heat pumps, supplied by Air Handlers of Manchester. Combining Heat pump technology and heat recovery, the system effectively reduces the consumption of electrical energy which is supplied from the wind turbines by around 75%.

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