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Case Study

Tata Technologies New European Headquarter In Leamington Spa, Warwick

The Client

BAM Construction Ltd – Midlands

The Consultant

J.B.R. Consulting Ltd – Worcestershire

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This £20 million development for TATA Technologies in Leamington SPA, Warwick is to house its European headquarters. Designed to house 600 staff inclusive of 100 currently based at TATA Coventry office. The development is on a 3.85acre Greenfield site at Tachbrook Park, and will consist of a 63,000sqft office building.

The building is designed by architects Webb Gray, who have featured in the three storey curtain walled building, two wings with a central core which includes natural stone, low carbon technology building services, and a natural light environment.

Situated at Tachbrook Park the consultants specified six off Air Handlers Northern air2O rooftop central.
Station packaged air handling systems.
The packaged air handling units incorporate:

  1. Air2O two staged evaporative cooling units model CRS – 12.500 hybrid, complete with intake filters and UV filters, DX coil and compressors.

This project comprised six off CRS 15.000 air2O units which incorporated a first stage direct evaporative cooling section, a second stage in direct evaporative cooling section, with a final DX 35Kw stage cooling system all inbuilt within the air2O unit.

Air2O duty – summer cooling  

Airflow supply



4.2 m³/sec

External Design Condition

31°C db/18°C wb

Air2O leaving air temperature

15°C db/14.7°C wb

Air2O rated output



Final Stage DX Cooling System

35Kw Output

Entering air temperature

15°C db/14.7°C wb

Leaving air temperature

12°C db

  1. The air handling unit is integrated with the air2O unit and comprises, side by side configuration supply & extract sections containing E.C. high efficiency backward curved centrifugal direct driven fan.

Two stage filtration, rotary thermal wheel for winter heat recovery in compliance with Eco Directive Recovery Efficiency.

Air handling unit winter energy recovery

Entering air temperature


Leaving air temperature


Rated Recovery Output

103Kw based on a return air temperature of 20°C.

A mixing box arrangement controls the winter/summer functions, with the facility to introduce recirculated air for fast warm up.  
A LTHW heating coil is provided on the leaving air side of the air handling unit capable of raising the air from 5°C to 30°C.

  1. The Air2O/Air Handlers integrated unit is powered and controlled by an intelligent packaged control system. The integrated units comes fully factory fitted with all wiring and controls. All units are controls factory pre-commissioned, but, require site commissioning after airflow balancing. The control systems used in the integrated controls package have built in Modbus and MP-Bus with display and Modbus VFD.


Air2o System


Integral DX System (35kw)


Total Hybrid Power


Air Handling Unit


Maximum Total Power For Integrated Air2O/Air Handlers Unit


Air Handlers Northern Ltd. also provided four off conventional heat recovery packaged air handling units with on board package factory fitted and pre-wired control systems.

Two of these air handling units supplied by Air Handlers are fully refrigerant piped and insulated on site by our refrigeration division.

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